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The Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti (AIA) was founded in 1974 in Milan, inspired by the desire of some painters to promote watercolour
               At first AIA would organize local exhibitions and art events with famous Italian painters. Over the years AIA has grown in importance, both
               at national and international level. In 1998 AIA co-founded the European Confederation of Watercolour Societies (ECWS) with the Belgian
               Association. In 2012 AIA took over the coordination of ECWS.
               In October 2018 AIA, together with the major Italian Associations of Watercolour, started the “Coordinamento delle Associazioni Italiane di
               Acquerello” with the aim of developing cultural and pictorial exchanges, experiences and therefore to have an exhibition each year,
               organized on turn by the member societies to spread the art of watercolour more effectively, especially among young people.
               As a no-profit organization, AIA is managed by a Board appointed by its members. It is actively engaged in organizing and taking part in
               exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Furthermore, AIA takes part in international watercolour exhibitions to which is regularly invited.
               Nowadays, AIA counts over 150 members spread all over the country. The organization has also honorary members and sympathizers. To
               become an ordinary member, the candidate must get the positive opinion of an Art Commission that meets once a year.
               Today AIA hosts live painting demonstrations, workshops, cultural events and other cultural activities. The launch of its website
               (, as well as social networks, contribute to give visibility to the Association and its members.

                                                             Franca Coppadoro
                                                 President of AIA, Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti
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